Kevin & Jane

My name is Jane Brown, I’m with my husband, Kevin Brown. We are with Blue Wealth and Dan Britton has been our adviser for just over 12 months.

I spoke to Blue Wealth because I had recently been made redundant and had received a valuation on my pension, which was surprisingly high and I wanted some advice on how to proceed.

We’ve got close friends, and they’ve been with Blue Wealth, for a number of years, and they had really good reports to send us, and we felt that they’d be able to help us too, so we contacted them.

I wanted advice, specifically from Blue Wealth in relation to whether I could afford to retire. One of the main challenges with my pension was the final salary aspect, and whether I should leave it as a final salary pension, or whether I should take the cash in value and invest it separately.

I find Dan to be really open and helpful. Some of the stuff that is talked about when you’re first making your investments can get quite complicated. But there are no stupid questions. Dan’s really able to explain stuff and you get a sort of feeling of being looked after.

The best thing about working with Blue Wealth for me is they are trustworthy. They always keep you in the picture and are available for communication. They have delivered what they’ve said, they deliver, taking us through a complicated process with regards to the final salary pension. The results of our investments have been in a difficult marketplace over the last 12 months, but they have been reasonable and within expectation.

It’s been a great experience because I wasn’t aware that I would be able to retire. Having spoken to Dan and got all the information that we needed; I was basically able to retire two years earlier than expected. That was amazing for me.

If I’d remained on the platform that I was on, I think I would have still been working. I would have worked those two years until I was 60. It’s given me absolute freedom and the opportunity to lead a completely different life.

The three words or phrases I would use to describe my experience with Blue Wealth would be trustworthy, communicative and does what it says on the box.

I think, over the period I’ve been working with Blue Wealth, the best advice has been around the treatment of the final salary pension, what to do with it, what the options are, linking into the advice at the same time that it was given to my wife, and how that is likely to play out over time, with some various scenarios.

I wouldn’t have any doubts at all recommending Blue Wealth. We have actually recommended an acquaintance. We felt that they’ve given us a great service. We were fortunate that we had a friend who had been with them for a period of time, and we were able to look at how that had gone and it’s gone exactly the same with us and we feel, looked after. They are very trustworthy. So, no hesitation at all.

I was able to retire earlier than I’d expected thanks to Blue Wealth