My name is Marcus and I’ve been with Blue Wealth for about two and a half to three years.

The reason I needed a financial planner was that I was getting to the age where I needed to start considering my longer-term plans financially. So, I needed someone with the expertise to take what I’ve got financially and put a plan together effectively for my retirement.

Well, I chose Rob because I know a lot of people in the finance industry. So, I asked around a lot of people I knew who are IFAs and the name that kept on coming back to me was Rob Bowers at Blue Wealth. I was very kindly introduced to him by a very good friend of mine who knows him, and I knew straight away he knew exactly what I wanted. He answered all my questions and we hit it off.

Working with Rob makes me very confident about the future financially. He’s put a plan in place. I’ve told him what I want, and what my aspirations are, and he’s going to make sure I get that in the most efficient and effective way. In this case, it means tax-efficient.

Rob made me very confident about my financial future. He’s put a plan in place. I know what I’ve got to do and I can see very quickly how close I am to achieving that plan.

I would definitely recommend Rob and Blue Wealth to other people, and I have done. The reason is mainly that he understands the business ground up. But also, he’s very available. If I want to speak to someone, I’ve got a question, I speak to Rob. I call him and he comes back very quickly to me, even if I don’t get him straight away and he’s always got very good advice.

The words I’d use to describe Rob and Blue Wealth are available, friendly, professional, competent and comforting. In other words, they give me everything I need. So, when I’m feeling a little bit insecure, or I’ve got a little bit of information, a gap in the information I need, they fill those gaps, and they make me feel very comfortable about my situation financially.

The best thing about working with Blue Wealth is definitely the people. They’re nice people, they’re friendly, they’re professional, and nothing is too much trouble.

Working with Rob makes me feel confident about my financial future