Matt Honour

My name is Matt Honour, I’ve been a client of Blue Wealth now, probably for the last six or seven years. And my adviser is a gentleman called Rob Bowers.

I got in touch with Blue Wealth because I was looking at a number of my pensions that had been with previous companies. I was looking to put them all together and align them into one strategy. I went to Blue Wealth, to help me with that.

I heard about Blue Wealth via the internet, I did a little bit of research into local financial advisers in and around Bristol, I live in Bristol myself. I was really looking to work with someone of a similar age that could take me through to retirement and know that they were going to be there for me and my family through that journey.

I chose Blue Wealth in the end, because of the connection with the directors, I did some research with regards to that via a bio on the website. But also, I didn’t want to work and get lost in a big business. What appealed to me was, you know, that family approach, the size of the business, they’re looking to grow and aspire to be a good regional financial planning outfit, but they weren’t, big and corporate, where I was just going to be a number and get lost within that business. So, the personal touch certainly has shone through for me.

Blue Wealth has primarily been helping me with my pension, growing my pension asset and the pension pots. Having continual updates and reviews with Robert has allowed me to grow my pension. It’s also shown me that actually, I’m on track for my goals and aspirations in retirement.

Working with Blue Wealth has given me peace of mind. It’s a great business, I’ve got to know both of the directors and some of the office staff as well by working with them over the last, as I said, six or seven years.

I do feel that I’m on track now to retire when I want to, having continual reviews and updates with Rob, I know that I’m on track, we’re continually looking at cash flow and ensuring that actually, my pension is on track and it’s building nicely. I’ve still got a number of years to retirement and will continue to contribute. But it has given me the peace of mind to know when I get to my mid-50s, that I’m going to be in a really good position, I don’t think I would have achieved that without working with Blue Wealth.

How would I describe Blue Wealth and working with Blue Wealth? I would certainly say working with Rob, peace of mind would be a key phrase. In a word, trustworthy, I know I could trust him. And if anything should happen to me, I know my family would be looked after and taken care of. Ultimately, again, I think building the relationship with Rob, seems like a strange one, but it’s enjoyable. It’s enjoyable working with him.

I think the best thing about working with Blue Wealth, for me personally it’s very relatable. Rob is a young entrepreneur, the business has grown, it’s grown from strength to strength, and we’re of a similar age. So, there are a lot of synergies, when we visit or we do a review, it’s not all about work, although that’s clearly important to review my assets. It’s nice that he actually takes the time and the interest to talk about me and my family and get to know me.

I would 100% recommend Blue Wealth, working with Rob and also getting to know the other people within the office like Dan and Nathan. I would 100% recommend them, especially working with Rob. It gives me that peace of mind that I know I’m going to be on track for hitting my retirement; my goals and aspirations are going to be met.

Working with Blue Wealth gives me real peace of mind