Steve and Jayne

Hi. My name is Jayne, this is my husband, Steve. We’ve been a client of Blue Wealth for approximately five, possibly six years and our adviser is Rob Bowers.

Rob was recommended to me by a colleague at work, who had done something similar with Rob. So, he sat down with me and said to me, “Steve, you really need to think and have a chat with this lad.” So, I did, I spoke to Jayne about it eventually. We agreed to listen to what this man’s got to say. Rob came to the house, he broke it down into Janet and John style, which meant that we could understand it. Then we made a grown-up decision on whether or not we were going to do it. We decided to do it and we put all of our pensions and everything into Blue Wealth.

We were advised that we needed to move our pension and financial affairs out of the previous company’s pension scheme. Rob got in touch to come and speak to us; we were very pleased with what he was offering, and it made sense.

Rob really does put you at ease. It means that you challenge what he says, I’m not going to say I don’t challenge what he says, but I trust him, and he is a good guy.

You think of pensions or finances, and you think it’s horrible, you’re not going to understand it. You think it doesn’t really apply to me. But the way it was put to us was, that it’s about planning for the future. But not in a wishy-washy, non-defining way, it was planned that if you want to achieve x, then you need to do y, and it was very real, that’s how we found him, very approachable and very easy to understand.

Working with Rob and Blue Wealth has really put my mind at ease a great deal, as much as we’ve been able to sit down and plan. We know the milestone, we’ve got milestones, we know where we’re going, as Jayne has already said, investments do go up and come down, so provided we hit the targets, then we know that in this year or that year or whenever that we’re going to have what we need and what we want.

The three words I’d use to describe Blue Wealth are proactive, concise, and approachable.

I feel that my financial future is planned out for me. I’m comfortable, I am happy and so far, we’ve made a really good decision to move our pensions to Rob at Blue Wealth.

The best thing about working with Blue Wealth is the communication. We can ring Rob at any time, if he’s not there, he will call us back, he’ll email us, and we can always contact somebody if there’s anything that we need to talk about.

I think the best piece of advice that Rob has given me is to plan, what do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go? And he will help you achieve that. So, by planning, he’s got these models where you just plug everything in, even down to how much you spend on a mobile phone bill, you plug everything in and if you’re open and honest with him, he has the metrics or whatever he uses, and will tell you where you’re going to get to and when potentially the money runs out.

I would definitely recommend Rob and Blue Wealth. He’s made a huge difference to our lives and future lives by planning. I’ve recommended him to a friend of mine, and he’s also joined Blue Wealth, which is a positive. It’s given us a clearer view of our future.

Working with Rob and Blue Wealth has really put our mind at ease